About White Cloud Global

White Cloud Global provides client-centred, seamless, ‘end to end’, solutions to learning delivery, professional development & assessment needs, utilising the latest cloud based technologies.

White Cloud Global is underpinned by cutting edge software technologies developed by Genix Ventures. The PROTRACK online examination platform enables a transition from paper based examinations and introduces automated marking for a range of item types, including multiple choice questions and short answer/essay type questions. White Cloud Global provides clients with dedicated project management across the lifecycle of examination and learning programs and works with clients to integrate new technical solutions with existing systems and processes.




We can assist you in evaluating your current examinations and other assessments and can review the performance of an examination, individual papers, subsets of items and individual items and make recommendations for improving reliability and validity.



The ProTRACK platform manages the entire examination or assessment process including registration and payment, creation of items/questions, online (and paper based) delivery, and automated marking and analysis.



We specialize in educational, psychological, medical and organizational assessment and can provide expert scoring, analysis and tailor-made reports for assessments at all levels for a variety of purposes. The tests can be administered in a paper-and-pencil format, any variation of online administration to fully adaptive tests to individuals or large cohorts.



Utilising state of the art and purpose built facilities, your high stakes examinations and assessments will be managed with the required level of detail expected by your organisation and your members including provision of onsite technical support and accredited invigilators.



Not sure exactly what you need or can achieve within your budget? Our experienced team can come to you, undertake a needs analysis and recommend a solution to your identified usability issues and a pathway for systems integration.


Psychometric Assessment

We can assist you in screening, placement or certification of candidates through any combination of tests ranging from ability and aptitude (potential for learning) to intelligence and personality testing using our reasoning tests, psychological tests or tests designed for specific purposes.


LMS & eLearning

The Learning Management System (LMS) can help you manage your eLearning content with a purpose built SCORM “Sharable Content Object Reference Model” conformant platform. We are experienced in content development and instructional design and can assist in creating meaningful assessments aligned to your training objectives.


Training & CPD

Our Training Information Management System (TIMS) and CPD platform enables professional membership based organisations to record their members’ activities online and easily integrate with existing CRM systems such as iMIS.