About White Cloud Global

White Cloud Global provides client-centred, seamless, ‘end to end’, solutions to learning delivery, professional development & assessment needs, utilising the latest cloud based technologies.

White Cloud Global is underpinned by cutting edge software technologies developed by Genix Ventures. The PROTRACK online examination platform enables a transition from paper based examinations and introduces automated marking for a range of item types, including multiple choice questions and short answer/essay type questions. White Cloud Global provides clients with dedicated project management across the lifecycle of examination and learning programs and works with clients to integrate new technical solutions with existing systems and processes.


Our Team


Our team comprises a number of seasoned IT and business professionals, whose primary focus for the last decade has been the transformation of education delivery through the use of technology. White Cloud Global has been at the forefront of technological innovation in examination delivery since its inception and the team has a track record of designing and developing market leading solutions that reduce risk and deliver productivity improvements along with time and cost savings.



Our Partners

Genix Ventures Pty Ltd

Genix provides a range of software solutions and professional services to their clients and works in partnership with domain experts to develop software products that leverage a suite of process automation technologies.

Genix brings a unique set of skills together under a single banner, with a combination of consulting, risk management, process optimisation, project and IT service experts coming together to provide advanced and comprehensive solutions that improve business performance.

Genix is called upon by government, banking, financial services, utilities, telecommunications, transport, technology, defence, and life sciences industries to develop and deliver software solutions, management consulting projects and commercialisation partnerships.