Exam delivery made easy.

Make it simple for your members to complete exams anywhere, anytime. This module centralises exam management into one cloud-based system, and automates much of the administrative process for you. It includes candidate registration, question banks, online exam delivery with provisions to prevent cheating, marking, analysis, reporting and delivering results back to candidates.

ProTRACK will make the exam process quicker, more accurate, less laborious, cheaper and more convenient for your members.


An end-to-end solution.

Bring your exam management into the digital age with:

  • Online enrolment that establishes whether a candidate is eligible for the exam.
  • Question banks that enable you to securely upload questions and create an exam paper.
  • Exams that can be delivered at the same time across multiple locations and time zones.
  • Automatic marking that can be combined with and prompt human input.
  • The capacity to analyse results and generate performance reports.
  • Automatic posting of results online.
Review & Marking

Review and Marking Screen


Item Bank

Create, store and track questions in the item bank.

Develop questions that require a multiple choice response, written answers or case scenarios. With the capacity to use graphics and other media including medical imaging (DICOM etc…), all your questions are securely stored in one place with performance statistic attached.


Exam Delivery

Exam papers can be generated using the item bank. You can set rules too, such as time limits on the exam or on questions, the number of required selections and word limits on written responses.

Candidates’ responses are recorded, so you can create benchmarks, assess the performance of questions, and review overarching assessments.

There are many other great features too, including version tracking, a full audit trail, a sophisticated search function and the functionality for a collaborative review process.

Exam Paper Set UP

Examination Paper set up

Deliver practice or formal exams in supervised or unsupervised modes. Exams can be convened at the same time across multiple locations and time zones, using invigilators to supervise. Invigilators can have full control over candidates’ exam sessions including the ability to pause or terminate an exam. Invigilators can send real-time notifications to exam managers. Candidates can browse through questions and revisit unanswered questions if you allow.


Imaging Exam

For examinations requiring integration of diagnostic imaging tools, as used in hospitals, we can provide a platform for integration of pathology, radiology (DICOM), ultrasound and other media types.  This system can be used ina viva or OSCE based examination, or as a means to incorporate sophisticated imaging questions into traditional written papers which would otherwise only include 2D imaging.  By incorporating this media into your assessment you can provide your candidates with optimal examination conditions.



Event planning requires the allocation of people and resources to events within a limited period of time to meet the requirements and constraints of the event, and its location, or locations. Events such as examinations, sports tournaments, exhibitions, and conferences, involve many different components which must fit together with each other, as well as into the available locations and time slots.

Many major events are still scheduled by people using spread sheets, but, while people can become very practised at meeting the requirements of a specific event, such as a set of exams, it is not possible for them to explore even a tiny fraction of possible schedules (for just 8 examiners and 30 students, the number of ways of allocating pairs of examiners to students is already greater than the number of atoms in the universe).


The allocation of tasks or events and people to locations and time slots — is just one aspect of event planning. Other requirements include minimising people’s travel distances and waiting times, sharing facilities equitably between participants, and meeting event-specific constraints on people, dates and resources. The Opturion Event Planning & Timetabling (EPT) system has been integrated with the ProTrack examination management system.  and supports the professional examinations of doctors in a variety of specialties across Australia.

For human event managers, the modification of the schedule to meet the new requirements and new constraints (due for example to unexpected attendance, or extra activities) often becomes a nightmare. Opturion EPT easily handles new requirements and constraints, quickly finding the schedule which minimises the disruption to the event. Moreover the Opturion solution is interactive, enabling permitted users to change features of the schedule and run the scheduler again so as to obtain a feasible schedule which satisfies the user’s new requirements.

Scheduling software for viva examinations

Scheduling & timetabling software for viva examinations


Registration & Payment

Simplify exam delivery and response collection.

Candidates can enrol for their exam or assessment online and ProTRACK will establish whether they’re eligible based on the business requirements. The authentication software prevents unauthorised access and cheating.


Automated Marking

Marking is quick and error-free.

ProTRACK imports and automatically marks exam papers, including multiple choice questions, written answers and case scenarios. If you require human input into the marking process, ProTRACK can still manage and coordinate this for you utilising the inbuilt workflows.  Route questions online to assigned markers or assess candidates during a viva or OSCE examination utilising a hand held device.

A combination of automated and manual marking, real-time collation of results streamlines the marking process, minimises the need to courier examination papers and enables efficient publication of examination results to candidates.

Secure, web-based technology.

The exam module uses a leading technology platform, the Business Process Management System (BPMS) developed by Genix Ventures. We work with business partners to develop sophisticated digital solutions that help organisations manage their businesses better. Our clients include some of Australia’s leading membership based organisations.