Training & CPD

Training Information Management System (TIMS)

Manage the training process from your desktop.

The training management module looks after the lifecycle of your members’ training. It can manage trainee enrolment, training pathways, assessments, delivery of online learning, facilitating interaction with supervisors, analysis and reporting.

An efficient way to manage the training process.

The module acts like a project manager for your members’ training. Manage the entire process for pre-vocational and vocational training programs anytime, anywhere from the web-based platform. Create training programs and assessment requirements for your members. Track your members’ progress through the training period against the progression requirements. Generate workflows, prompting tasks and automating administrative processes.

The sophisticated search function makes it easy to find the information you need, whether you’re interested in data about a member, training location, discipline type or year.

A simple, integrated solution to managing training.

The training management module can be linked to the learning management system (LMS). That means that once a member completes a course in the LMS, the training management system will automatically update the member’s profile.

You can customise your dashboard with the information you need. And you can set different permissions for each user in your organisation. View or export your members’ training portfolios. You can perform trend analyses, such as evaluating the performance of an assessment. Create, save and run queries on any particular data entity, such as list of trainees by state, by gender or age.

The training management module is robust and flexible, so it can be adapted it as your needs evolve.

Automate correspondence with your members.

You can manage communication with your members from the training management module, both emails and letters, to individual members and to groups. Automatically generate correspondence, such as reminders for due dates, alerts for overdue assessments, and notifications that an assessment has been received.

Make training simple for your members.

Members will have one convenient place to submit and manage their training and assessments. Members can view their training portfolio, including completed and overdue assessments, due dates, and history.

The training management module is a repository for assessment submissions. Members can upload documents and opt for a supplemental assessment, counted towards their progression. Members have a library to store documents, which they can manage. And they can download assessments that they’ve previously uploaded.

Members can also manage their administration, such as leave applications.

An efficient way to manage your members’ training.

The training management module will:

  • Remove manual processes from organising your members’ training.
  • Provide your members with a smoother process for training.
  • Remove duplication across your business.
  • Increase the productivity of your employees


Ease of managing trainee progression.

A fully customisable system provides the ability for your organisation to define rules for undertaking your professional training program by tracking their progress through the Training Information Management System (TIMS).

This module is perfect for organisations with specific milestones and assessments for members to achieve within certain timeframes. It allows the trainees to monitor their own progress, supervisors to manage and monitor their trainees and for the organisation to have accurate reporting capabilities in real time.

You can create training programs for different users and allow reminders to be sent to ensure trainees complete certain assessments within the regulations. Using the inbuilt workflow engine you can send notifications to supervisors and/or overseeing bodies when trainee portfolios are ready for review and sign off. Trainees on probation or requiring remedial training can have these requirements added to their individual program without affecting other trainees.

Link to your learning management system.

You can link the TIMS module to the learning management system (LMS), a ProTRACK module that delivers e-learning and training. This means when a member completes a course in the LMS, the points are automatically accrued in the TIMS module. The integrated system will remove paperwork, labour and human error from managing your trainees’ progress and provide you and your trainees’ a real time snap shot of their training status. This module can also integrate with other LMS systems

The Training Information Management System (TIMS) will:

  • Provide a simple way for your organisation to manage trainees
  • Reduce the need for manual forms and paperwork by utilising the inbuilt workflow engine for sign off for supervisors and trainees
  • When integrated with our CPD platform, provide a seamless and familiar interface for management of life-long learning for professional membership organisations


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Make it easy for your members to manage their continuing professional development.

A flexible module designed to create and manage continuing professional development (CPD) programs and track and report on your members’ performance. It’s fully integrated with ProTRACK’s learning management system (LMS) module and provides members with a clear view of their progress on all aspects of the CPD program.

This module is ideal for organisations where it’s mandatory for members to maintain their skills via a points or credit system. This module will help members maintain, update and enhance their knowledge, skills and performance to ensure that they deliver appropriate and safe care.

Empower your members.

Create categories of CPD activities and point schemes, enabling members to accrue points by participating in different activities. Whether it’s observing clinical practice, attending a conference or taking a course, members can monitor and manage their own ongoing development. The points can be measured in different ways, such as hours completed, conferences attended or number of publications.

Members can maintain their CPD portfolios by recording their own entries and providing evidence for verification. Email members from within the module to accept or reject their evidence. They can view summaries and access archives of their CPD activities.

You can also add and maintain a CPD calendar, making it easy for members to plan their CPD across the year. The calendar can be linked to members’ profiles, so if a member indicates he or she attended an event in the calendar, the points are automatically added.
Members can record notes on their experiences while working on a CPD activity and their learning outcomes in a private journal accessible only to them.

Link to your learning management system.

You can link the CPD module to the learning management system (LMS), a ProTRACK module that delivers e-learning and training. This means when a member completes a course in the LMS, the points are automatically accrued in the CPD module. The integrated system will remove paperwork, labour and human error from managing your members’ CPD. And it will alleviate frustrating processes from your members. This module can also integrate with other LMS systems.

The flexible, robust platform provides all the features you need.

Members can view, download and print statements outlining or summarising their CPD activities. This can be filtered by different categories, such as date, depending on which fields are relevant to your members. Certificates can also be generated and printed upon completion of a course.

The module can send members notifications and reminders, such as communicating when new CPD points are accrued.

Generate reports to review your members’ participation in CPD, training requirements and gain trend analysis across different data sets. You can run audits of members to verify the points claimed.

The CPD module will:

  • Provide a simple tool for your members to manage their CPD.
  • Reduce your organisation’s manual processing of CPD.
  • Enable you to analyse trends in CPD to make better business decisions.
  • Help you ensure your members are accountable and transparent.


Social Networking

Create an online community for your members.

Enrich the membership experience by facilitating connections between your members. The social networking module enables you or your members to build online communities. Members can network with each other, share content and take part in discussions.

Online communities will help you build long-term engagement with your members. The technology is robust and flexible, so you can decide which features to make available to members. And you can add features in future as your business needs evolve.

Enable your members to join online groups.

Members can view, join or create groups. This enables members to build private communities based on their interests or commonalities, such as a ‘new graduate community’. Members can socialise and collaborate in a secure environment that can only be accessed by their peers. They can share pictures, videos and documents, or participate in forums within their groups.

Foster conversations between your members.

Members can join or start in discussions and share content using the online forums. The forums can be open or hidden, enabling only select groups to view a discussion. Forum threads are listed in categories, making it easy to find relevant discussions.

Each member has their own profile page.

Members can create their online identities within their profile pages, which lists which groups and categories they belong to. Members can add personal information and a profile picture. They can click through to other members’ profiles and connect with them.
Your members will enjoy a simple welcome screen.

When your members login to the social networking site, they are greeted with a homepage that provides a high-level view of recent activity, personalised with their group discussion forums and notifications. Your organisation can post relevant information too, such as photo slideshows of your recent conference.

The homepage can also show all your social media outlets aggregated into one newsfeed. That means the content you post on other sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, are visible in one place.

Engage your members with each other and your organisation.

The social networking module will help you:

  • Facilitate socialising and collaboration between members.
  • Have two-way conversations with your members.
  • Build your members engagement with your organisation.
  • Gain insights into your members.
  • Create an online personality for your brand.