We utilise state of the art facilities provided by our facility provider of choice Cliftons; the leading provider of premium, purpose-built training and event facilities.


Venues – Testing & Training Centres

Award-winning venues with ergonomic environments, climate controlled rooms, natural and enhanced lighting to create the optimal learning environment. Experienced event coordinators work with each client to ensure the right environment is provided to your specifications. This is especially important when delivering high stakes online assessments where lighting, temperature, screen resolution and other factors are extremely important in providing optimal conditions.

White Cloud Global manages the booking, set up, testing and coordination of your assessment or event. We have experience in coordinating multi-site high stakes assessments throughout the world. With 12 centrally located venues within 10 CBD locations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong and access to an additional 6,000 venues across 2,500 cities worldwide through Cliftons Affiliate Network, we can manage even the largest assessment cycles.

Cliftons Melbourne Computer Training Room

Cliftons Melbourne Computer Training Room

Technical Support

The onsite dedicated technicians support the latest in networked hardware, high speed connectivity and superior data security. All onsite technicians are trained in the use of the ProTRACK examination delivery system.

Accredited Invigilators

We have access to a network of trained invigilators who can manage your online examination in our dedicated test centres. We ensure any client specific security and ID checking processes are adhered to and that this is standardised across all venues.


Cliftons offer the latest in training technology, including digital flipcharts and interactive whiteboards and Virtual Classrooms.